Khatala Pet Lodge


We are a family of animal lovers who have been Blessed to call Australia home since 2005, having immigrated from South Africa.

Our family consists of myself Zelda, my hardworking husband, and our two beautiful children. One more, very important member of the family includes our ‘Aussie Pooch’ Elvis, a loving, fluffy, and gentle Maltese X. Being able to bring 2 of our beloved pets (Vlekkie, and our Rottweiler Kara, who have since passed away) with us to Australia helped to make the family feel ‘whole’ once they came home after spending 7 months in quarantine.

Animals have always played an important role in our lives. Not only have we treated our own pets with love, dignity and compassion, but so too the many pets of others who have enjoyed frequent stays with us while their families went on holiday. 

Starting off my career as Registered Nurse in South Africa, my love for animals led me to study Veterinary Nursing since living in Australia. Caring for the many sick animals in the hospital, and also the variety of pooches in the boarding facility forming part of the hospital was very fulfilling. But, developing Khatala Pet Lodge as a family has allowed us to provide a unique facility, providing the level of care and service we have always wanted for our pooches and can now extend to your beloved furry family members!

I am blessed and privileged to have our daughter, Ilandre, working alongside me, ensuring your beloved fur babies receive the best possible care. The big boys can also look forward to plenty of rough and tumble play, and the littlies to gentle cuddles with our son, Ruan, in between his responsibilities as a full time university student. My hardworking husband, Awie jokingly refers to himself as ‘The Handyman”, has his hands full with developing the garden and grounds, but there is always time for fun with the fur babies!

We look forward to welcoming you and your special pooch to our family!